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What is a Drain Snake?

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Marcin from ExpressRooter, the official contractor for Mike Holmes, is here to address some of the common questions that many homeowners ask.

What is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake is equipment that plumbers use to provide maintenance and to clear debris of any build up that happens in the sanitary line and storm line systems – debris that is typically caused by tree roots, grease buildup, and all the waste that is being discharged out of the house. This is an essential tool that is required to provide maintenance and proper function of the drain system in a house.

Electric drain snakes come in different sizes, from a small diameter cable that is used for kitchen sinks and bathtub drains to larger cables that are used for sanitary lines underground that come in 4, 6, and 8 inch diameters for residential applications. The cable comes in different sizes, but also comes with different attachments depending on what we’re dealing with; grease build up will require an attachment that is going to cut and remove the buildup in a certain way, while tree roots will need a tree root cutter that can chop the roots into pieces and move them away. There are also other attachments used for various other buildups.

A drain snake is primary equipment that every plumbing service company in the city will have to provide solutions for residential homes. If you have any questions, please call ExpressRooter at 416-233-2660 or visit our website at

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