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Trust ExpressRooter for Toronto Drain Repair

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Plumbing emergencies are precisely that: emergencies. The potential for disaster when an internal pipe freezes, for instance, especially on an upper floor, can’t be overstated. The typical water pressure in a Toronto household’s water main delivers no less than seven litres per minute, which can do some serious damage to your home or office. Drain repair can be equally urgent.

What to Do In an Emergency

Your first step must be to stop the flow of water, immediately. Turn off the shut-off valve to the particular fixture or appliance that’s sprung a leak, or to the whole property – at the main water valve – if there isn’t one handy.

If you, and every member of your family or staff, doesn’t know the location of these shut-off valves, learn where they are immediately after you finish reading this post.

There are many plumbing problems that can be dealt with by competent DIYers using fairly basic toolkits, which we discuss in detail elsewhere in our blog. However, this article deals specifically with emergencies, and the only thing to do in an emergency, as soon as you’ve turned off the water supply, is to call a licensed professional plumber. In the GTA, that call should be made to Toronto drain repair experts ExpressRooter Plumbing. You can call us anytime at 1 (888) 233-2660 or 416-746-5116.

Defining “Emergency”

A dripping tap may be just annoying to some people, but to others any malfunction in their home prevents them from feeling fully safe.

When a single water-using appliance appears to malfunction, you can check that its individual drain isn’t clogged, or that its dedicated stop valve hasn’t been accidentally switched off. When a pipe springs a leak, however, you must immediately turn off the main shutoff valve serving the house or business premises. Where your hot water heater and/or central heating is served by either gas or electricity, also isolate those appliances by cutting the gas supply or by tripping the circuit breakers.

Clogged drains can bring an entire household grinding to a halt: no showers, no cooking or cleaning, no flushing of the toilets, no fresh laundry. A backed-up toilet can ruin floor coverings, and the waste water can percolate through to lower storeys if the bathroom is on an upper level.

“Emergency” is in the eye of the beholder, but at ExpressRooter Plumbing we treat every emergency call with the same seriousness. Your emergency is our emergency, until we’ve fixed it for good.

Toronto Drain Repair

Our services include:

  • Plumbing Services. Water leak detection and repair, water heater repair and replacement, food disposal repair and replacement, clogged toilets and sinks, leaky faucets, broken pipes, bathtub plumbing, basement sump pumps, and septic tank system service.
  • Toronto Drain Repair. Diagnosis and repair of clogged or slow(ing) drains, drain and sewer cleaning, video camera damage location, sanitary and storm drain replacement, and the installation of main line sewer backflow protection devices.
  • Plumbing Home Inspections. In-depth investigation of all above-ground, exposed plumbing, inspection of hot water tanks or tankless units, shut-off valve inspection, draining and venting systems inspections in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, basement floor drain inspections, and video camera inspection of underground sanitary drains and sewer pipes.

Basement waterproofing. The installation of systems intended to prevent groundwater and surface water ingress from the exterior of your home or office, into below-grade accommodations or storage/utility areas.

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