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Modern Trenchless Technology for a No-Dig Drain Repair

Not so long ago, replacing a sewer line meant tearing up yards, driveways, and parking lots and messing up your landscaping—you can imagine the mess and chaos that would create in the process—not anymore.

With ExpressRooter’s trenchless sewer pipe repair service, you can say goodbye to excavating your yard and digging up the underground to replace a sewer pipe. With the advancements in technology, you don’t need to deal with a damaged or compromised sewage system all by yourself. Our team of experts are here to help.

We can replace old and problematic pipes with our trenchless pipe bursting service. This is an efficient trenchless strategy that allows us to easily, cost-effectively, and quickly replace pipes.

Let’s understand how and why replacing underground drainage pipes does not need to be a messy affair.

All-Rounded Benefits of Trenchless Drain Pipe Repair

Getting a pipe repair gets a bad name (for obvious reasons). It can leave your landscape looking like a mess. You might not get water in your home if the pipe damage is extensive. The problems are aplenty.

Don’t fret. With ExpressRooter’s trenchless drain and sewer repair technology at your disposal, we can help:

  • Avoid disruption of your property due to aggressive digging
  • Prevent added expenses to a sewer line repair
  • Repair the sewer and pipe in a minimally-invasive, quick, and effective manner

At its core, trenchless pipe bursting refers to replacing a sewer pipe underground. Here’s a look at its 360-degree benefits:

  • Zero digging and no excavation: Our trenchless pipe bursting service helps us replace/repair pipelines without digging and with zero excavation.
  • Efficient, seamless, and cost-effective service: No matter the scale and intensity of your pipe damage, trenchless pipe bursting can address all issues from the root—be it corrosion and clogs to cracks and pesky sewage backups. Plus, since trenchless technology only requires one small hole to be made (as opposed to a huge trench), this means you won’t have to replace a large section of your landscaping once the job is done. Moreover, you’ll get to save money that would have otherwise been used to restore the landscape to its original glory post a trenchless sewer repair service.
  • Saved time: Pipe replacement no longer means spending hours digging through a well-maintained landscape to get to a pipe. Our expert-driven trenchless technology does the job within hours (not days). If you want a friction-free and clean sewer pipe repair, connect with us at ExpressRooter.
  • Minimal property disruption: Considering that our trenchless pipe repair is a no-dig process, you don’t have to see your property being torn up. We’ll make sure that the landscape is preserved.
  • Increased pipe size: Another benefit of trenchless pipe repair is that it allows for increased water and sewage flow as the new pipe installed is generally larger in size with greater water-carrying capacity.
  • Longer life expectancy of the pipe: The new pipes we place are more resistant in nature. Be it root intrusion, corrosion, or any other issue, our trenchless pipe repair service improves the longevity of the sewer pipes, and you benefit from the optimal value.

At ExpressRooter, our modern plumbers with specialized tools can repair a failed sewer line thanks to our trenchless sewer and pipe repair services. We engage in little to no digging. This minimizes the damage to your landscape and property. Trust us as your exclusive plumbing contractor and get the wastewater flowing freely instantly.

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A Step-by-Step Lowdown of Our Trenchless Drain Pipe Repair Services

If your home is older and has sewer lines made of clay, cast iron, or similar material, it can fail as time passes. This is why you need the expertise of a seasoned team of experts. We can:

  • Easily insert a new pipe into an old, damaged one
  • Seamlessly burst the surroundings of the old pipe, with no damage
  • Effectively use the space your old pipe uses as a trench

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The ExpressRooter Way

Step 1: Our master plumber will determine the following:

  • Where the problem lies
  • How badly the sewer line is damaged
  • The best method for repair

They will accomplish all this using a snake drain camera and inserting it in the sewer line.

Step 2: The camera allows our plumbers to see the damage extent within the pipe. They will then determine if a small part of the pipe needs repair or if the entire pipeline needs to be replaced.

Step 3: Once the sewer line is inspected, our plumbers will use hydro jetting to clear the line and get rid of any remaining debris. Once the line is clear of debris, repair work will be initiated.

Step 4: We leverage a welded pipe to ensure that no joints are damaged during the installation process. 

The end result? You get a new pipeline with minimal disruption to your landscape/yard. Plus, you don’t have to wait for days on end without running water in your home, waiting for the pipe repair/replacement to happen.

With us, the trenchless sewer and pipe repair will take a day at most! How? At ExpressRooter, we have the required equipment for conducting the trenchless sewer repair and diagnosing the issue correctly, with little to no digging to repair the sewer line.

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Why Go with ExpressRooter’s Trenchless Pipe Bursting and Sewer Repair Services?

At ExpressRooter, our seasoned master plumbers can replace damaged pipes without creating a mess. Our biggest USPs include the following:

  • Quick and prompt service
  • Honest, upfront, and affordable pricing with free estimates for the workload
  • Use of drop sheets to keep the space neat and tidy
  • Leaving the place spotless and clean once the job is complete
  • Customer-first service
  • Access to top-of-the-line plumbing solutions

Call our experts at 416-233-2660 or fill the website form for a trenchless pipe bursting service in the Greater Toronto Area. We will get back right away.

Instead of waiting for your plumbing problems to get worse, take matters into your own hands and resolve the issue for a quiet and peaceful night of sleep. Once you make a booking with us, we’ll send the profile details of the technician and provide the GPS information as well.

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Q. What Is trenchless drain repair?

Trenchless drain repair helps:

  • Replace the underground pipelines using the existing pipe system
  • A master technician will dig a small hole and insert a new pipe into the old system.
  • The old pipe will burst in place without requiring any extensive digging.
  • This way, a new trench is created, which can be used to install new pipes as well as sewer lines.

Q. What does trenchless drain repair cost?

The cost of a trenchless pipe repair will depend on numerous parameters, such as the location of the damaged line, the extent of the pipe repair needed, the kind of replacement required, and so on.

While ExpressRooter, we can provide a free quote of the cost for the trenchless pipe repair. Since no major part of the landscape will get disturbed, trenchless pipe repair is definitely a more cost-effective solution than traditional pipe replacement.

Q. What is the exact process for a trenchless pipe repair?

The process of a trenchless pipe repair is fairly mess-free, no-dig, and convenient for homeowners. Here’s a step-by-step lowdown:

If your pipe breaks or needs replacement, we will follow these steps:

Step 1: Our technician will dig holes to provide access to the damaged pipe. To do this, we use a tool called a bursting head, which is launched using hydraulic power. This tool is launched into one of the holes to burst and remove the old pipe.

Step 2: The bursting of the damaged, old pipe helps make room for the replacement.

Step 3: Considering there’s ‘extra room,’ we use a replacement pipe that boasts greater water-carrying capacity.

Step 4: This new pipe is inserted with hydraulic power.

In simpler words, you’ll get a new pipe installed without having removed the old one. The process is quick and mess-free!

Q. How long does trenchless pipe repair take?

The process of trenchless pipe repair can be done within hours. But you need to employ the services of a seasoned professional to get the job done right and in a less destructive manner.

Q. How can I get a trenchless pipe repair service done on my property?

To get a trenchless pipe repair service, you just need to hand over the job to our master plumbers at ExpressRooter. We’ve been offering this service for over a decade in the Greater Toronto Area!

We understand that drain problems can happen anytime. This is why we offer emergency drain services at no additional cost. All you need to do is give us a call or make a booking online. A specialist from the team will reach out with the required details and next steps.

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