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The Questions That Establish Hire Worthiness Of A Plumber

The Questions That Establish Hire Worthiness of a Plumber

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Many people are under the impression that hiring a plumber means going to Google, typing keywords, such as ‘plumbers near me’, and picking up the phone to call one of the plumbers from the list.

It means that it is a simple affair. And, anyone posing himself as a plumber is a good reason to take for granted that he is fit for your job.

This mentality has created problems for many house owners who deployed plumbers for their repair or installation work.

The shoddy jobs done by most plumbers have raised the concern for filtering plumbers before hiring.

You need to remember that plumbing is not just a job, but a responsible one. Any mistake or bad work from the plumber’s part can cost dearly to you. A bad plumbing work can entail money and time wastage.

After a plumber leave doing a bad work, the plumbing defect will not be solved. Instead, you will need to hire another plumber to redo the job. As a result, you will see a wastage of time and money.

Therefore, you should abstain from hiring a plumber straightaway. Instead, you should assess the prospective plumber to ensure that the professional can do your job to the best of your satisfaction.

Things can become more complicated if you are a newbie—you have not hired a plumber in Brampton before.

If you are so, knowing the starting point of your search is important in such a large city.

It is not at all a recommended practice to take out your phone and call as many plumbers possible. This practice can lead you to troubles later.

Possibly, the best starting point can be contacting people in your neighbourhood who know plumbers well, and also hired plumbers before.

Such people can give you an accurate opinion about the quality of the available plumbers.

But you should dig a bit deeper to assess your prospective plumber more accurately. And for that, you can ask the following questions before hiring:

#1. Are You Licensed?

When a plumber has a licence, it means he is qualified to do plumbing for clients. On the contrary, a plumber without a licence will not be governed by any regulations. So, you cannot hold such a plumber liable for any problems that arises on the job. Therefore, you should not hire such a plumber.

Again, it might happen that you know an experienced plumber, but you should not hire him if he is not licenced.

There can be many negatives to the hiring of an unlicenced plumber. For example, plumbing work done by an unlicenced plumber can fail inspections. In such a case, you will have no option to recover losses.

Usually, licenced plumbers in Brampton need to periodically take competency tests to establish their competency and conformity to the latest standards. And that means, hiring a licenced plumber amounts to getting the work done in conformity with the recent trends.

Importantly, only licenced plumbers can get permits to do plumbing jobs in the city.

Therefore, you should ensure that you hire a licenced plumber for your job. And, any compromise with that can lead you to troubles.

#2. Are You Insured?

Insurance is another important factor to consider in your prospective plumber. And, it would be a significant mistake to undermine the insurance factor.

In the event of any accident during the plumber work, the insurance is responsible for the expenses.

If the plumber is not insured, you will have to bear the expenses if the electrician undergoes an unwanted circumstance.

Therefore, you should choose a plumber with insurance. It will give you a mental peace. And, you will not have to bear the expenses for your plumber’s fault.

#3. Could You Share Any References?

Remember, a long-term experience is essential for a plumber. But only the experience timeline will not work.

The plumber needs to do satisfactory work. And, to figure out whether your prospective plumber does good work, you need to check what the references say about his work quality.

Therefore, you should ask for three to five references from your prospective plumber. And, you should get in touch with those past clients to know how well did the plumber executed the job.

It will help you figure out the work quality.

So, you should not fail to ask for references from your prospective plumber, and check them out before hiring him.


#4. What Are Your Specializing Areas?

Usually, plumbers Brampton work in their specializing areas. So, you should ask your prospective plumber the area(s) he specializes in before hiring. And, you should ensure that the specialization suits your plumbing job.

Let us elaborate the matter further. Suppose, you hired a plumber specializing in remodelling for your repair work, he is not likely to have the right tools and equipment. So, your job will not get done.

Therefore, you should engage a plumber with the correct specialization vis-à-vis your job requirements to ensure that your job will be done correctly.

#5. What Will Be the Cost of the Plumbing Project?

You should determine the cost of your plumbing project before starting the work. It will give you an idea of how much money you need to spend.

An experienced plumber should be able to estimate the costs accurately after examining the work.

You should ask your prospective plumber about the cost of the plumbing project. And, you should ensure that the estimate consists of the material costs, labour costs, transportation fees and contingency fees for any risks.

If there are any extra consultation fees or follow-up costs, the estimate should include them.

After the plumber prepares the estimate, you should examine if that is correctly done. Also, you should assess if there are any unclear or hidden charges.

Furthermore, you should figure out if the labour cost is a flat or hourly rate.

In addition to help you determine the project cost; it will also enable you to figure out how long the project is going to take for completion.


You need to carefully choose a plumber to avoid the hassles of engaging a bad plumber. Asking the relevant question can be a good starting point. The questions can help you discover the hire worthiness of your prospective plumber.

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