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Hire a Plumber for Your Shower Drain Installation

Even if you are generally good with DIY projects and typically do all of your own repairs, shower drain installation is one task that is best left to a professional. Sure, you can get all the parts and do the job yourself, but there are some factors that need to be considered that only a professional would be able to handle.

Site surveying

The first important factor a professional will start with is surveying the site where the shower drain installation is to be done. Whether it’s for a new construction or renovation, the site of a linear drain is contingent on the location of the waste line. While it is necessary to move the water line, it depends heavily on the site’s conditions. This is best done by a professional.

Another factor a professional would know how to handle is locating the linear drains. A linear type of drain makes it possible for a larger format floor tile to be used. It also facilitates pitching of the floor in one direction. This allows the conventional center drain installation, where the floor has to slope in four directions to drain water properly. 

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