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What is a Drain Snake?

Marcin from ExpressRooter, the official contractor for Mike Holmes, is here to address some of the common questions that many homeowners ask. What is a Drain Snake? A drain snake is equipment that plumbers use to provide maintenance and to clear debris of any…

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Trust ExpressRooter for Toronto Drain Repair

Plumbing emergencies are precisely that: emergencies. The potential for disaster when an internal pipe freezes, for instance, especially on an upper floor, can’t be overstated. The typical water pressure in a Toronto household’s water main delivers no less than seven litres per minute, which can do some serious damage to your home or office. Drain repair can be equally urgent.

What to Do In an Emergency

Your first step must be to stop the flow of water, immediately. Turn off the shut-off valve to the particular fixture or appliance that’s sprung a leak, or to the whole property – at the main water valve – if there isn’t one handy.

If you, and every member of your family or staff, doesn’t know the location of these shut-off valves, learn where they are immediately after you finish reading this post.

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