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Bad smells within one’s home are a big problem, especially when they come from your drains. Such a smell is annoying but also warns you about underlying problems in your plumbing which need repairing.

A sewer smell in the floor drain suggests that serious plumbing issues require urgent attention. But with professional advice and the service of ExpressRooter, you will have your home turned into a fresh, pleasant environment.

ExpressRooter is your expert at locating and repairing all household plumbing and drain problems. We will help you identify the issue, share what caused them, and recommend the best solution to eliminate the smell once and for all.

Kitchen Drain Smells Like Sewer

If you’ve ever walked into the room and the kitchen drain smells like sewer this is a possible sign of plumbing-related issues. The odor usually arises either due to the accumulation of food particles, grease, and other debris in the pipes blocking it and encouraging bacterial growth.

A sewer smell from the kitchen sink can take over the home in a very short period. While the preventing this problem always begins with keeping the drain clean. The drain should be flushed from time to time with hot water or cleaned with a solution of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the organic materials causing the smell.

This may also signal a bigger problem, such as vents or traps not installed properly with sewer gases coming up through your drain. The professional plumbing services from ExpressRooter takes care of all these problems and ensures your plumbing system is correctly configured to prevent similar issues in the future.

Call ExpressRooter today to get your kitchen drain inspected and enjoy a fresh-smelling kitchen once more!

Bathroom Drain Smells Like Sewer

If you have a sewer smell in bathrooms, the region where cleanliness and sanitation are expected this can cause stress. When the bathtub drains smells like sewer, it becomes one of the distressed places in the home.

It is usually due to the biofilm accumulation inside the drain, or plumbing issues such as dry P-traps and venting problems, which allow sewer gas to rise into the room.

First things first, the bathtub should always be kept clean as bathtubs and drains always need some maintenance. The mixture of boiling water with soda and vinegar poured into the drain might just dissolve the biofilm, carrying the debris that might be emanating from the smell.

If this doesn’t work, how do you repair the sewer gas smell in the bathroom? Be sure to run water through the drain; P-traps can serve as barriers from sewer gases as long as they do not dry out.

If the problem is still not solved using home remedies, that is an indication of something more serious, like a clog in your main sewer line or a breach in the venting system.

Which is why we use the latest diagnostic equipment to establish the exact cause of the smell and offer targeted repair services to remove the problem effectively.

Basement Drain Smells Like Sewer

If basement drains smell like sewer, it can be unsettling as a place for recreation or storage. The issue could be drainage clogging, poor ventilation in an area, or problems with sewage lines allowing gas to escape into the home.

ExpressRooter specializes in professional plumbing services, including detailed inspections and repairs of basement drainage systems.

Contact ExpressRooter today for peace of mind and a fresh, healthy basement environment. Let reliable plumbing solutions keep the basement tidy and odor-free.

Why Choose ExpressRooter?

Allow the professionals to deal with kitchen drains smelling like sewer, bathtub drains smelling like sewer, and basement drain smelling like sewer. ExpressRooter stands out as a top selection for the following reasons:

  • Expertise and Reliability: Our plumbers are well-qualified and experienced professionals. We have been awarded the best service company in Toronto, demonstrating our commitment to quality service.
  • Advanced Technology: At ExpressRooter, we have invested in top-notch technology in plumbing ranging from high-definition sewer cameras for the best diagnostic accuracy to the best tools for clearing blockages and fixing broken pipes.
  • Customer-Centric Service: We understand the stress and discomfort that plumbing issues can cause. So, our focus is ensuring your experience has the least hassle and a transparent service experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We take pride in our work, from repairs to underground drainage, ensuring that our customers are totally satisfied.

CTA: Turn to ExpressRooter for reliable and lasting professional plumbing solutions. Call us today and experience service excellence that keeps your home’s plumbing at its best.


Dealing with sewer odors in your home is an awful experience, but when you have the facts and team it can be resolved in no time. Simple preventive measures will ensure your house does not have a sewer smell from the kitchen sink, bathroom or basement drains.

Do not let a sewer smell unease and compromise anyone’s health. Set up an appointment with ExpressRooter today.


How to get rid of the sewer smell in the bathroom sink?

This sewer smell from the bathroom sink may be fixed by pouring in a mixture of soda and vinegar, leaving it for about 15 minutes and then flushing with hot water. Clean the overflow hole of the sink regularly, verify the P-trap for any clog, be sure to run water through any dry drains, and check the water seal of the P-trap.

Why does my sink smell like sewer?

This is due to trapped hair, soap scum, or food debris in the drain, serving as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The vent pipe can allow sewer gas to escape into your bathroom. 

Why does it smell like sewer in my bathroom?

Usually, the bathroom smell is caused by dry P-traps, blocked drains, or faulty vent piping. It is the lack of P-trap water that causes it or, in the worst blockage case, where gases of the sewer may rise. Such smells may be prevented if cleaning ensures traps have water.

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