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Video camera technology provides ExpressRooter’s licensed plumbers with a complete understanding of what is happening below the ground, a common problem area that many general plumbing contractors cannot probe because they do not have access to this state-of-the-art equipment. If a plumbing leak or blockage is revealed during the plumbing camera inspection, the video camera sends a magnetic signal to a digital pipe locator, which accurately pinpoints the breach. Because the digital pipe locator determines the exact location, direction and depth of the compromised sewer drain pipe, guesswork and unnecessary digging are eliminated entirely.

Used in tandem, the video camera and digital pipe locator technologies are precise, efficient and cost effective, allowing ExpressRooter’s highly skilled plumbing technicians and, if necessary, excavation crews, to get in and out quickly, keeping disruption, mess and expense to a minimum.

Wherever the damaged sewer drain pipe is located, video camera technology coupled with digital pipe locating means ExpressRooter master plumbers will never have to tear up your basement floor, your landscaped gardens, your beautifully manicured front lawn or the interlock brick or asphalt paving on your driveway to determine the cause and location of a sewer drain problem. Access is direct for an immediate and reliable drain pipe repair.

Using video camera and sewer drain pipe locating technology, ExpressRooter can determine:

  • at-risk areas where plumbing problems and plumbing leaks are likely to occur;
  • the precise nature of a sewer drain plumbing problem;
  • the extent of the sewer drain damage or blockage;
  • the exact location where plumbing repairs are required; and
  • the direction and depth of the compromised sewer drain pipe.

“For the past 5 years, and trusting the services of 5 ‘professional’ plumbers, we could not solve the mystery of sewer smell in our basement coming from an old (then replaced by a new) toilet. The problem was never solved by previous “professional” plumbers – by paying approximately $4-5,000 along the way, while the smell plagued my family through hot Summers and cold Winters. The smell would be picked up by the furnace, and air-conditioning, and went throughout the entire house. We were at the end of our rope this year.

I watched “Holmes on Homes” and found without exception, the most expert plumber. His name is Marcin Wroblewski, ExpressRooter Plumbing Plumbing (Toronto). Not only did we see this gentleman in action on “Holmes on Homes” – we invited him to our house in Hamilton, where we received 4 hours that included a survey, conversation, strategic planning, and professional, kind and thoughtful consideration. To deal with Marcin is a unique pleasure. He’s interested in helping people first, then eliminating problems. Marcin will explain everything – every step – he’s a unique pleasure to deal with.

Our problem in the basement was solved this Spring, 2010, after one full day’s work. We have never been happier, or more relieved, and best of all – we have Marcin to call our “friend in need”. If you want the best, the professional and educated, the caring and thoughtful mannerism of Marcin – you best call on his expertise. You won’t ever regret you did.”

Susan Gordon in Hamilton Ontario

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