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Plumbing Tips – Frozen Pipes

  • Don’t let your outdoor faucets freeze up in the winter.
  • Unattach your garden hoses before freezing temperatures arrive in the fall.
  • Then close the shut-off valve on the pipe(s) which lead to your outdoor faucet(s).
  • Then open the outdoor faucets so that any residual water can drain.
  • If your indoor faucets sometimes freeze in very cold weather:
    • Try leaving the cabinet doors under the faucets open so that they can get a bit more heat.
    • In extreme cases let the water trickle very slowly into the sink.
  • Insulate water pipes which may be exposed to freezing temperatures or wind. Water pipes which are not being used should be drained for the winter in areas where there may be severely cold weather.
  • If there is plumbing in your garage, be sure to keep your garage door closed when it is very cold. Pipes in unheated garages or basements should be insulated.
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