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Plumbing Tips – Disposals

  • It is best to use cold water — NOT hot water — when you run your disposal. Let the cold water run as long as the motor is running, and be sure to avoid overloading the disposal.
  • Corn husks, artichokes, onion skins, celery, and other high-fiber material can clog your disposal.
  • Do not pour fats or cooking oils into your sink. Liquid fats can solidify in cold drainpipes, trap food particles, and clog the drains.
  • Do not put coffee grounds down the drain.
  • If your disposal is clogged, turn off the motor and the water.
    • Reach under the sink and insert the service wrench that came with your disposal — or a ¼ inch Allen wrench — into the hole on the bottom of the disposal. Turn it back and forth until it can turn freely in complete circles.
    • Then use tongs to remove whatever caused the disposal to jam.
    • Finally, press the red “reset” button on the bottom of your disposal in case the disposal needs to be reset.
  • Food particles which remain in your disposal can cause odors. Put a combination of ice cubes and lemon peel in the disposal, run it for about thirty seconds, and then run cold water through the disposal. Disposal cleaner or degreaser may help too.
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