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ExpressRooter is a full service plumbing company, which means you only ever have to make one phone call for any of your plumbing requirements. Consider an ExpressRooter plumbing home inspection. If maintenance or repair issues arise during the in-depth investigation, ExpressRooter technicians have the tools and the expertise to fix whatever is wrong when the problem is discovered or will take the necessary preventative measures to make sure that regular service issues don’t become plumbing nightmares down the road. And if you’ve got plumbing problems – or potential plumbing problems – you can be sure ExpressRooter will find them during a comprehensive above-ground to below-grade plumbing home inspection.

Using the most sophisticated equipment and technology available to licensed plumbing professionals, ExpressRooter master plumbers don’t just address the symptoms – they diagnose the disease – eliminating the potential for band-aid solutions that lead to multiple house calls, escalating expense and potential disaster. Whether a plumbing home inspection reveals a leaky toilet gasket in the bathroom, a faulty faucet in the kitchen or a sewer drain blockage beneath the basement floor, ExpressRooter crews and trucks are equipped to service and solve every conceivable plumbing concern a homeowner can encounter.


Buying an old house or just moving into a newly constructed home? An ExpressRooter plumbing home inspection will let you know the status of your plumbing and even provide you with a DVD copy of the inner workings of your pipes and drains for future reference, taped during a state-of-the-art plumbing camera inspection. That’s because a unique element of ExpressRooter’s plumbing home inspection service is consumer education. Skilled technicians use real-time video camera technology to show homeowners the current state of their drainage and sewer systems and to point out future potential problem areas. They also provide customers with preventive maintenance strategies to ensure that minor water issues don’t turn into full-blown plumbing problems.

The official contractor for television’s Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspections, ExpressRooter is your one-stop shop for residential plumbing services. And licensed plumbing technicians are always standing by, ready to respond to your call within 60 minutes; answering your questions and solving your problems while you wait. Doing the job right – the first time out.

Common plumbing problems detected during an ExpressRooter plumbing home inspection:

  • Leaking pipes or condensation on plumbing lines = mold and structural damage.
  • Moving toilets = flange gaskets that lose their seal, leaks and quickly compromise the integrity of the subfloor and floor joists.
  • Inaccessible or inoperable main shut-off valve = inability to isolate water supply during an emergency.
  • Improperly installed drain and venting systems during kitchen and bathroom renovations = poor drainage and potential back-up.
  • Inaccessible or missing floor drains in the basement = inability for water to drain in case of spill, leak or hot water tank failure. Floor drain can also be utilized as an access point to investigate main sanitary drain system.
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