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ExpressRooter professional plumbers take the guesswork our of sewer repairs.

Trust them to help you with:

  • Clogged sewers
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Tree root damage
  • Aged lines that have worn out or separated
  • Trenchless technology solutions, etc.
  • Pipe location services

ExpressRooter offers state-of-the-art technology and video inspections that can pinpoint your sewer problems quickly and efficiently.

Our trenchless technology allows us to attend to your sewer problems from one or two small access points – which means quicker repairs and minimal disruption to your landscaping, yard, or driveway.



Once the problem is detected, a digital pipe locator is used to accurately pinpoint the problem. That allows ExpressRooter to determine exact location, direction and depth of the sewer pipe, eliminating any guesswork and unnecessary digging.

The ExpressRooter team of fully, qualified and certified technicians are able to provide complete drain replacement of an underground sewer system, regardless of its location, depth, and pipe diameter. The ExpressRooter team is also specialized in Main Line Sewer Backup Protection Technology. Our methods enable most repairs requiring excavation to be completed in a single day.

Tree Root Problem

Root problems tend to occur in the older areas of the City where trees are more established and the systems servicing these areas consists of older asbestos cement and clay tile pipes which usually do not have permanent seals at the joints, and roots can penetrate the pipe over time. Air and nutrient-rich water can seep from the pipes, creating an ideal growing medium for roots, at any depth. Any roots that manage to contact this habitat will grow faster and proliferate quickly. The roots can penetrate the pipe joints and cracks, then fill the pipes with a root mass. If the roots are allowed to continue growing, they may exert enough pressure to spread the cracks of the joint or point of entry, increasing the problem. The use of plastic pipes can help eliminate root problems, as long as the pipes joints are properly sealed.

Cutting the roots out of the pipe is a temporary fix. Like pruning it can encourage even more growth. Treating the roots and filling the holes with special grout or relining the pipe is the most effective treatment to help prevent re-growth.

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