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Don’t Let Dirty Drains and Sewers Drain You Out

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are living in a decade-old house, maintaining your drain and sewer lines is paramount. Ignoring your sewer lines and drains can cause:

  • Waste items to flow back indoors
  • Cosmetic and structural damage
  • Health hazards for your family

All in all, sewer and drain camera inspections are important tasks for maintaining your home’s hygiene. You must engage in regular maintenance and upkeep of your home’s plumbing system.

If you’re looking for experts for sewer and drain inspection in Toronto, look no further than ExpressRooter. Our drain camera inspection services are driven by leveraging modern diagnostic tools and technology to get rid of sewer leaks and clogs.

Why Go with ExpressRooter, the Best Company for Drain Inspection in Toronto?

At ExpressRooter, we pride ourselves on customer-first service by offering:

  • Honest pricing: Our pricing model is honest and upfront, with no hidden costs involved. We provide a free estimate and lay down the costs based on the work needed.
  • Affordable costing: Video camera drain and sewer inspection can also help you save money on diagnostics. Plus, by addressing the issue early on, you can save money on expensive (and extensive) repairs.
  • On-the-spot responses: Our customer support team is available 24×7 to address your questions and provide prompt feedback.
  • A team of clean and courteous professionals: Our professionals come with years of experience in sewer and drain camera inspections, providing you with the best value for money. Every job is completed with utmost organization, professionalism, and cleanliness.
  • Innovative technology and tools: We’re constantly upgrading the tools and technology we use to provide an accurate diagnosis of the problem and repair/replace sewers and drains.
  • Seasoned plumbers: If you want licensed and certified plumbers with proper background verification, consider our team of experts. After placing an order, we provide all the information you need at your fingertips, such as the technician’s bio, GPS tracking data, a photo of the plumber, and so on.
  • Emergency-plumbing services: We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services at no added cost.
  • Expert, ‘no-mess’ diagnosing services: Another benefit of our video sewer and drain camera inspection is that we diagnose plumbing issues without digging up your yard. This prevents unnecessary mess and, more importantly, reduces property damage.

Instead of Googling: “Drain inspection near me,” give our team of experts a call and get your drain and sewer needs sorted. Our experts are adept at eliminating the guesswork for plumbing repair work, thanks to years of hands-on experience with plumbing systems of all scales and sizes.

Call us at 416-233-2660 and get a thorough, accurate, and long-term drain/sewer repair

How ExpressRooter Works

At ExpressRooter, we follow a strict inspection process. Here’s how our sewer and drain cleaning as well as inspection process works:

Step 1: We start by investigating the underground sanitary drain system by using advanced video camera technology. This specialized imaging system is mounted on flexible metal cables, allowing our plumber to lower the small fiber-optic camera down the sewer lines. As a result, navigating the clogs and backups becomes easy.

Our high-definition sewer camera technology allows you to see HD-quality images of what’s going on inside your sewer line and pipes. Every inch of the sewer line and drain is inspected with great ease. This helps us determine the condition of the drain and sewer pipes.

Step 2: We also analyze the type of problem(s) that is developing, which often goes unnoticed if using methods like snaking or jetting. The video camera allows us to perform the following:

  • An accurate investigation of the sewer and drain
  • Get a complete, 360-degree picture of the current state of the drains
  • Access real-time feedback and status above the ground (preventing the need to dig up trenches)
  • Locate leaks and sources of backups
  • Formulate plans for repair or replacement
  • Provide the right solution—be it drain pipe lining repair or drain replacement

Step 3: Once the problem is detected, we use a digital pipe locator to accurately pinpoint the problem. This helps us further determine the exact location, direction, and depth of the sewer pipe, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary digging.

To understand how our video camera plumbing inspection works, speak to our team and get a sewer and drain inspection service scheduled today.

Speak to a specialist for a free estimate

Why Opt for Sewer Inspection and Drain Repairs in Toronto?

An expert-backed, video-driven sewer and drain camera inspection can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Our emergency drain services by a clogged drain plumber can help:

  • Identify the right cause of a backed-up drain or sewer system (such as raw sewage)
  • Detect clogs and leaks due to tree root intrusion
  • Identify pipes that are cracked or have misaligned joints
  • Diagnose the issue of collapsed pipes quickly and effectively
  • Engage in cheap drain cleaning
  • Find lost items that may have circled down the drain at some point
  • Assess the state of the septic systems and inspect pipes in old houses
  • Provide cost-effective and durable solutions for repair and maintenance
  • Offer the next best course of action and get the job done right the first time around

Whether you’re looking for a drain cleaning service in Toronto or an emergency drain service in Toronto, having experts at your side can help make this seemingly overwhelming job easier to navigate.

Some examples of what a video camera inspection can capture:

When Do You Need a Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection?

There are many tell-tale signs of a slow or backed-up sewer and drain system. Make sure to request a drain camera inspection if you happen to notice the following signs:

1. There’s bad odor:

Sewer smells emanating from the drain can be because of:

  • A clog forming
  • A leak in the sewer line

A thorough video camera inspection will throw light on the underlying issue at hand.

2. The drains are slow:

If you’ve tried all the traditional hacks and methods (such as digging up trenches, for example) to unclog your drain, and they still don’t work, it is recommended that you call a plumber. Our experts will engage in a video-driven camera inspection and can provide details on what’s causing the clogging issue, such as stuck tree roots, greasy clogs, or any other item that may be stuck down there.

3. There’s a huge spike in the water bill:

Most homeowners are familiar with how much they pay for water. The bill is often consistent. So, if you notice a sudden spike in the water bill, chances are that there’s a pipe leak somewhere. Our experts will use a camera to inspect the condition of the sewer and drain and pinpoint exactly where the leak is located.

4. Issue in the water main:

On the off chance that you get a call from the city about an issue in your water main, you’ll need to act with agility. Our drain camera inspection services can uncover the issue quickly so that you can pivot and repair the issue with promptness.

Don’t wait for a backed-up sewer or drain to transform into a full-blown plumbing issue. If you’re tired of searching for ‘drain service near me’ online, give our team of experts a shot. We can not only find the root cause but also provide an accurate plan for how to remediate the issue.


Q. How does sewer and drain camera inspection work?

At ExpressRooter, our skilled sewer and drain technicians are experts at using state-of-the-art technology (think: a fiber-option camera, for instance) to:

  • Get high-quality, accurate, and real-time feedback on the condition of your home’s sewer and drain lines
  • Navigate the drain or sewer line using flexible metal cables and finding clogs and/or backups
  • Avoid the chance of digging unsightly and inconvenient holes or trenches that leave the premises messy

Q. What types of drain and sewer issues can a camera inspection find?

The cameras used for sewer and drain inspections are extremely advanced. They can easily detect the following:

  • Leaks and clogs
  • Tree root intrusions in pipes as well as drains
  • Broken, collapsed, cracked, or misaligned pipe joints
  • Items that fell down the drain
  • Pipes that are aging and are in dire need of replacement
  • The condition of the septic system

Q. Why do I need a regular sewer and drain camera inspection?

Regular inspection of the sewers and drain pipe lining, as well as consistent sewer and drain cleaning, can:

  • Prevent health and hygiene issues for you and your family
  • Ensure your home’s plumbing system is up to the mark
  • Lead to cost-savings, as you’ll get regular updates on the condition of the sewer lines, drains, and pipes and can prepare for repairs and replacements proactively
  • Avoid the mess and disruptions that come with digging to find the root cause within the sewer or the drain
  • Offer accurate feedback and take the guesswork out of the main problems, preventing chances of shoddy and temporary quick fixes or, worse, extensive replacement.
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