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Impactful Ways of Negotiating Your Plumber’s Fees

Negotiation is crucial in every deal, including hiring a plumber for your job. But, at first, you might wonder—whether can you negotiate with your prospective plumber.

The answer is in the affirmative. But it is not a straightforward affair.

First, you must determine the factors behind their fee structure and their strategy to set the fees.

You must remember that you should strike a balance between saving money and paying your plumber a decent fee to avail of his professional services during the negotiation.

But you should not fail to negotiate because plumbers are costly. During negotiation, it could happen that the plumber might not like the price you set, and then he might refuse your work. You will need to search for another plumber to get a better deal in such a case.

You might wonder why plumbers charge heavily. But they do that due to practical reasons.

One of the fundamental reasons behind heavily charging is the expenses plumbers bear to undergo their training.

Most plumbers invest thousands of dollars and spend seven to ten years becoming licensed professionals. So, they need to pass on their training costs to their clients. And it is justified.

Moreover, plumbers attract colossal demand. And it is one of the services homeowners tend to request.

Negotiating With Plumbers

Remember that negotiating with a plumber is an art. You should look for ways to save your money, and at the same time, you should not put your plumber at a loss.

So, we are outlining the following steps to negotiate with your prospective plumber:

Obtain Multiple Quotes

The first thing to do is obtain quotes from different plumbers regarding the services you want for your job.

You can shortlist plumbers that conform to your budget when you get multiple quotes. But, again, if you have already fixed your budget, getting different quotes from various plumbers can even cost you less than what you are willing to pay for the job.

You should let all the plumbers know that you are asking for quotes for your job from other plumbers. It will force them to compete for your job and are likely to offer lower quotes to clinch the opportunity.

Although, there will be plumbers who will quote higher. In such a case, you can reject them and choose one from the plumbers offering lower quotes.

Promise Referrals

Many plumbers take referrals seriously. And they regard referrals as the top source of business. So, you can leverage that to negotiate the fee at a lower price.

You can tell your prospective plumber that your colleague, friend or neighbour is also looking for a plumber. And, you can further say to the plumber that you are willing to recommend him if you find his services and fee satisfactory.

If your prospective plumber is looking for referrals, he may offer you a discount in exchange for an additional customer.

But you should be honest in the deal. For example, ensure you do not make false referral promises.

Offer Free Assistance

As you know, labor accounts for a high plumbing cost. So, you can help the Mississauga plumber with your assistance in fixing the plumbing issues. And that can entice the plumber to charge a lower fee because he need not have to hire an assistant.

So, by offering free assistance to your plumber, you can save money. However, it depends on your plumber whether he will allow you to provide your assistance.

Purchase Materials Yourself

After you hire a plumber in Mississauga, he will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown with separate charges for materials and labor.

Once you get the materials list, you can try to buy them yourself. You should try to source the essential materials at lower prices than what your plumber quoted from his regular suppliers.

The underlying idea is that you can purchase them cheaper when you buy the materials yourself. And, in that way, you can save money.

Ask For Extra Services

Another trick during the negotiation process could be asking for extra plumbing services from your prospective plumber at no cost. But you should be reasonable concerning the extras you ask for.

In this context, you can ask the plumber to offer extra services at no charge for work that takes little time or fewer materials to fix. For example, you can ask the plumber for additional work, such as unclogging drains, fixing leaky faucets, and caulking bathtubs and showers.

Wait for the Off-Peak Season

Another good way of saving money is to hire the services of a plumber during the off-peak season when their prices go lower.

But things are the opposite when you hire a plumber in the peak season. People want to fix their plumbing issues during peak seasons, so the demand for plumbers strengthens. And, with higher demand, the fees also go up.

Given the prevailing trend, you can regard the winter months as the off-season period, in which there are fewer jobs and more plumbers compete for the limited jobs.

So, you can leverage the trend to negotiate with your prospective plumber to finalize a deal at a lower cost.

Therefore, it can be good to postpone your plumbing work to the off-season if there is no emergency. Then, you are likely to get reasonable quotes from good plumbers who want to keep their earnings intact.

If you have multiple plumbing requirements, you can bundle all of them and ask for a discount from your prospective plumber.

While asking for quotes, you should make your prospective Mississauga plumber know that you intend to hire one plumber for the entire job and ask for his quote.


Plumbers are respectable professionals. And they do valuable work. Therefore, you should negotiate the fees of your prospective plumber in such a way that you preserve his dignity and at the same time save your money. But, again, negotiating the fees with a plumber is clever art. So, you should master the art before negotiating with your prospective plumber.

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