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No DIY Home Remedy Can Get Rid of Stubborn Clogs—You Need ExpressRooter’s Jet em Drain Cleaner Services

Are you tired of constantly Googling “drain snake service near me?” Why not consider the drain snake water jet services by our master plumbers at ExpressRooter?

Oftentimes, unwanted waste such as grease, fat, oils, residue from soaps, clumps of loose hair, particles from chemical cleaners, etc., end up getting lodged in your drains and blocking them over time. And mind you, the clog can become extremely stubborn. What you need are our drain jetting services to get rid of it. 

Keeping the pipes in your home looking clean can seem like a simple Do-It-Yourself job, but the reality is different. Your plumbing system needs a thorough cleaning. One wipe with a wet cloth won’t do the trick.

As the plumbing system wears down, the pipes become exposed to a lot of unwanted debris as well as waste buildup. Naturally, removing these materials mandates using the most effective drain unclogger. Luckily, ExpressRooter’s hydro jet drain cleaning services can offer you the following:

  • A quick and effective method for getting rid of unwanted blockages and unclogging drains
  • An advanced hydro jetting experience that clears out debris and waste, so your home’s plumbing system is cleaner and high-performing at all times
  • The requisite skills and modern tools to leverage a seamless plumbing performance in your Toronto home

All you need to do is connect with us online to schedule a jet drain cleaner service. What’s more, we also provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services at no additional charge.

If you want tried-and-tested services for drain jetting in Toronto, get in touch

What are Hydro Jetting or, More Specifically, Drain Jetting Services Anyway?

Drain jetting services are a form of sewer cleaning. In this process, we use smaller volumes of water under high pressure (about 4,000 psi). The master plumber ends up using up to 18 gallons of water every minute. The end goal is to allow the water’s impact to effectively remove debris from the pipe’s walls.

What makes hydro jetting a preferred choice is that it:

  • Can be performed on multiple drainage systems
  • Doubles up as an excellent alternative to waste removal methods
  • Helps get rid of grease, oils, roots, and other waste items that cause sewer line blockage
  • Does not use harmful and corrosive chemical cleaners, pipe snakes, etc., which may end up damaging the pipe

CTA: If you want clean and clear pipes, you need to engage our services for drain jetting in Toronto.

When to Go For Hydro Jetting

For most homeowners, backed-up drains or wastewater flooding are the first signs of a plumbing emergency at hand. Instead of letting the issue escalate, look for the following ‘clogged drain’ signs that might be right in front of you:

  • Frequently standing water
  • Weak flushing power
  • Slow-draining pipes in multiple areas of your home
  • Odd sounds from your pipes and drains
  • Foul odor coming from the drains
  • Significantly increased water bills due to poor water flow
  • Old and worn-out plumbing fixtures, such as drains and pipes

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, your pipes might be suffering from severe blockage. You must schedule a hydro jet drain cleaning service right away!

Let us help you deep-clean your drain and keep your plumbing system working optimally. We can also help you with drain maintenance. In fact, hydro jet drain cleaning is a critical part of a preventative maintenance plan.

Connect with our team to schedule a hydro jetting session

The Many Benefits of Hydro Jetting: At a Glance

The thing about cleaning drains is that it’s extremely difficult to visualize and reach the dust, grime, and other debris that’s clogged. Basic plumbing skills are not good enough. Even if you do follow a consistent housekeeping routine, you’ll still likely need a professional hydro jetting drain cleaning service every now and then to:

  • Flush out the pesky waste items that clog your home’s plumbing system
  • Prevent plumbing emergencies, which can become dangerous and unsafe
  • Thoroughly clean the drains and pipes, including soft deposits on walls and linings
  • Decrease maintenance needs and boost longevity, avoiding costly replacements in the process
  • Elevate the drain performance and speed
  • Reduce water consumption and utility bills

Trust us when we say that a burst of high-pressure water is an efficient method to get rid of unwanted sludge and restore drains to their optimal performance. If you want a completely safe and toxic-free drain-cleaning service, hydro jetting is for you.

For clearing up to 100% of unwanted debris in your pipes, take the help of our hydro jetting services

Why Choose ExpressRooter’s Plumbers

Remember: Flushing waste items with water doesn’t guarantee that they’ll flow right out of your home, and blockages should not be left untreated. If you want cleaner and clearer drains as well as a healthy plumbing and waste disposal system, we’re available at your disposal.

Our team of certified plumbers is here to help:

  • Get your pipes clean and working in a new condition
  • Eliminate waste buildup that blocks and stresses your drains unnecessarily, causing further plumbing issues
  • Create a routine preventative maintenance plan for you so that you can keep your pipes clean in the long run
  • Offer prompt and reliable service for proactively maintaining aging and modern drainage pipes

Here’s how our team works:

Step 1: We conduct a thorough video-led drain inspection in Toronto to reveal the underlying issues, such as the extent of the backup and blockage within your drain or pipe.

Step 2: Based on this, our plumbers will recommend how often you should go for a hydro jetting service as part of your regular plumbing maintenance plan.

Step 3: We leverage high-quality, industry-standard imaging tools and advanced hydro jetting tools to:

  • Locate and assess the key areas that are in need of drain hydro jetting remotely
  • Clean drains thoroughly and remove blockages
  • Rid you of traditional methods (think: pipe snaking) that cannot flush out “soft deposits” such as oil and grease lodged in pipe walls

Remember that identifying the need for hydro jetting is just as critical as getting it done. We use the latest hydro jetting equipment to get rid of harmful blockages and backups. Still not sure if drain hydro jetting is for you? Speak to our team about the benefits of a professional hydro jetting service. You’ll end up saving money by preventing emergencies and extensive repairs.

Call us at 416-233-2660


Q. How does a hydro jet drain cleaner work?

Hydro jetting is a drain-cleaning technique that:

  • Uses high-pressure water (4,000 psi), which is flushed into the drains
  • Leverages up to 18 gallons of water a minute for every cycle
  • Effectively and safely removes debris (think: soft deposits) that is stuck in the pipes

Q. How effective is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting can be an extremely efficient method of removing 100% of grease, debris, and other waste items that are clogged and lodged in your drains. The frequency and extent of hydro jetting you should go for depends on your lifestyle and the working condition of your plumbing system. To make sure that it is effective, you should get it done by professionals. Most homeowners engage in a regular, preventative maintenance service plan to:

  • Keep the drains functioning properly for longer
  • Avoid large plumbing emergencies

Q. Can I go the DIY route for hydro jetting?

For hydro jetting to be effective, it should be done right. This means you should employ the services of professional plumbers and technicians. At ExpressRooter, we use the latest equipment. Plus, our master plumbers are well-equipped and trained to use hydro jetting equipment safely and effectively.

Q. What is drain hydro jetting?

Drain hydro jetting is basically a form of drain cleaning. It’s one of the most effective and safe ways to clean the interiors of your pipes as well as the walls using high-pressure water.

Q. When should I go for a professional drain hydro jetting service?

You should call for a professional hydro jetting service if your drains are getting clogged or if they have not been cleaned in a while. Given the technical nature of the job, opt for an experienced plumber to avoid property damage or prevent yourself from getting injured.

Q. What are the benefits of hydro jetting?

There are many benefits of hydro jetting, such as:

  • Getting rid of debris and unwanted waste that clings to the pipe walls
  • Flushing out unwanted debris
  • Providing your home with a healthy and optimally-working plumbing system, allowing for uninterrupted drainage

Q. What is the main difference between hydro jetting and drain snaking?

Quite simply, drain snaking refers to clearing through an obstruction, whereas hydro jetting helps thoroughly clean and get rid of all unwanted grease and debris within your drain and pipe.

Q. Can hydro jetting damage pipes?

No. Hydro jetting cannot damage the pipe unless the pipe’s integrity is compromised due to old age or inaccurate installation.

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