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How to Tell When You Need Drain Pipe Repair

drain-pipe-repairDrains seem to be one of those things in life where you don’t even really consider them if they’re working well, but they can really cause havoc when they are in disrepair.  Obviously, the key is to catch any issues before they become larger problems, but that’s sometimes easier said than done.

Here are some ways to tell when you need drain pipe repair:

Clogged Drains

It’s easy to get picky over the terms ‘repair’ and ‘maintenance’ but anything that is hampering the operation of your plumbing system and needs attention is worth mentioning.  One way to tell when your drains need attention is when they are clogged.

Clogs might be caused by compacted paper, grease, hair or tree roots growing through pipes.  In many cases, you can clear simple clogs with a common plunger or plumber’s snake, but if it isn’t moving you’re best to call in the experts.

Slow Running Drains

You don’t always need a complete clog to tell you that there is trouble somewhere along the line.  Sometimes, the water is still running, but it’s running noticeably slower than usual.  This is typically a great time to investigate the situation before it gets out of hand. A professional can inspect your pipes to determine the right course of action to clean your drains.


Leaks are one of the more obvious signs that you need drain pipe repair.  Sometimes, the leak is right there for all to see and sometimes, it’s more subtle.  You may not really notice the subtle leaks until you get an inflated water bill or serious damage has occurred.


A damaged drain pipe might emit some pretty strong odours, and that should act as a sign something is wrong.  You may notice the smell of sewage, which may be an indication that sewer gas is getting into your home or workplace.

If you smell anything unusual, especially if it’s combined with any of the other common signs, call your plumber right away.

Finding the Sewer Drain Pipe

Plumbers like ExpressRooter have the ability to get a clear picture of what is happening under the ground, with video camera technology.  Using a plumbing inspection camera along with a digital pipe locator virtually guarantees the pipe and the associated problem is found and can be repaired much faster than normal.

It also means that unnecessary digging and try to guess at the location of the problem isn’t necessary.  It’s similar to having accurate MRI or CT scans to pinpoint a physical problem rather than go through exploratory surgery to find the issue.

Pay attention to the signs, call in the experts when necessary, and your plumbing system should continue to run smoothly.

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