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How Does Plumbing Camera Inspection Work?

How Does Plumbing Camera Inspection Work?

Technology has greatly improved the diagnosis of any plumbing problems in your home.  One of the ways that technology has benefited plumbers is with video inspection.

Plumbers no longer have to rely on their wealth of experience or guesswork to figure out exactly what is going in inside your pipes.  With plumbing camera inspection, it’s all right there for everyone to see. 

How Does It Work?

Plumbing camera inspection works by feeding a flexible ‘rod’ or ‘snake’ with a high-resolution camera on the end into the pipe.  As this rod makes its way through the pipe, it takes video of everything that is happening inside.

The inspection is recorded so the homeowner can see what is happening and why the plumbing company is making certain recommendations or suggestions.  A quality system will reveal how deep the drain is, what it’s made of and which direction it runs.

The plumbing camera inspection results help the homeowner deal with any problems that are happening now and prevent new ones from happening in the future.

What Problems Are Detected?

The reason this type of video inspection is useful is because of the problems it detects, that would otherwise go undetected.  Some of the issues it finds include:

  • Cracked or damaged sections of pipe
  • Tree root penetration
  • Blockages and obstructions
  • Accumulated debris
  • Improperly fitted joints

The camera inspection also works well to double check that the service you have already paid for was carried out properly.  Sometimes, some left over debris or blockage might be left in the pipes and with the video inspection you won’t miss it.

When Should I Have a Camera Inspection?

If you are buying a new home, you should definitely enlist the services of a company that performs plumbing camera inspection.  Your regular home inspection won’t go even remotely as deep as a professional plumbing inspection that includes the video.

Having the camera inspection gives you the opportunity to detect little problems or even big ones, before you agree to buy the house.

You should also opt for a camera inspection if you’ve been having backed up sinks or toilets and the standard unclogging methods have been unsuccessful.  A big jump in your water bill is another good reason to ask for video inspection.

Anytime you can catch a plumbing problem before it gets out of hand, you’ll save damage to your pipes and drains and possibly save yourself an awful lot of money at the same time.  Call Express Rooter to schedule a plumbing camera inspection today!

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