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How Does a Sewer Backflow Valve Work?

sewer backflow valveSewage backups are not only gross and inconvenient, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage in addition to creating health hazards for occupants in your home. All of this can easily be avoided, however, with the addition of a mainline sewer backflow valve to your plumbing system.

What causes sewage backup?
There are a variety of reasons for sewage backup. The main line that runs from your home to the sewer may become clogged due to grease, tree roots, and other blockages. In addition, water used in area homes as well as excess rain water can overwhelm the sewer system, causing water to back up in the lines and into your home.

How does a sewer backflow valve work to prevent sewage backup?
Sewer backflow valves act as a physical barrier to prevent sewage backflow that can cause damage to your home and create health issues. Some valves are one way only, preventing sewer backflow, but also preventing wastes from being removed from your home when activated. Specialized valves however, such as mainline backwater valves, eliminate this issue, allowing waste to exit while preventing sewage backup simultaneously.

A mainline sewer backflow valve is unique
A mainline sewer backflow valve offers additional advantages aside from the distinctive ability to prevent sewage backup while still allowing the flow of waste. A mainline sewer backflow valve is installed on the main drain where sewage exits your home. The installation of a single valve protects all the lines of your system, even those that are newly installed. This prevents the need for additional branch line backwater valves. Mainline backwater valves are easy to locate and access, with a built-in main sewer cleanout that allows cleaning tools to pass through quite easily.

Proper placement is essential
The proper placement of your sewer backflow valve is essential to ensuring the proper function of your valve, so professional installation is key. A well located valve is also much easier to clean and maintain when the situation requires it. Be to enlist the help of a licensed, professional plumber when adding a mainline backflow valve to your home.

Mainline sewer backflow valves offer many advantages:

  • Mainline valves protect your entire home from costly water damage, cleanup, and health hazards resulting from sewage backups.
  • They are conveniently located and easy to access.
  • Mainline valves offer the advantage of being able to remove sewage from your home while still preventing backflow.
  • Valves can be easily cleaned by plumbing snakes without resulting in damage.
  • Mainline backflow valves prevent the need for additional, inferior check valves that are both hard to access and easy to damage during pipe cleaning.
  • New/added plumbing is automatically protected without the need for additional valves.
  • Sewer backflow valves offer protection for flood prone homes.
  • They prevent extensive water damage, loss of property, and inconveniences caused by backups.
  • Mainline backflow valves may qualify for a flood prevention rebate.

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