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Hire a Plumber for Your Kitchen Sink Installation

Kitchen Sink InstallationThe internet is inundated with so many “do it yourself” home renovation articles that it can seem like you can tackle any project without any problem. However, kitchen sink installation is one feat that you should not attempt yourself; you should hire an experienced plumber to get the job done; here is why:

You can damage your countertop

When someone is installing a kitchen sink, they have to maneuver and align heavy objects (including the sink itself) around the countertop. If you get it wrong, you are very likely to chip, crack or completely destroy your kitchen countertop. Not only is an experienced plumber much less likely to do this during the kitchen sink installation process, but if he or she does damage your kitchen countertop, it is him or her (or the insurance company) who foots the bill.

New kitchen sink installation may require some carpentry work

Not all kitchen sinks are built the same. This is what many DIY kitchen sink installers discover to their own dismay, because if the new kitchen sink is the wrong size for the hole created for the old one, then the installer will have to adjust the size of the hole accordingly. This rule also applies if you invest in a kitchen sink with abstract design; this will require a reshaping of the hole for the installation to be successful.

You could cause serious plumbing damage

The biggest risk that you face when installing a kitchen sink yourself is inadvertently causing plumbing problems that did not exist beforehand. Here are the most common ways that DIY kitchen sink installers damage their plumbing:

Improper caulking

This is a key element of kitchen sink installation that requires a steady hand, knowledge of materials and expert knowledge. Improperly caulking your kitchen sink will result in leaks that will cause water damage to your kitchen countertop any objects inside of it and the kitchen floor.

Piping errors

If you use the wrong materials or connect pipes incorrectly, you are certain to face leaks, backups or other plumbing issues — all of which will require you to make an emergency call to your local plumber (emergency plumber visits usually cost more than scheduled ones). All of these issues are likely to cause water damage to your kitchen countertop, its contents and your kitchen floor,

Garbage disposal installation errors

Improper drain alignment, poor measurement practices and improperly handling the electrical element of a garbage disposal are common (and dangerous) mistakes. An experienced plumber knows how to avoid these pitfalls. Also, your local government may require a special permit for garbage disposal installation (a plumber will take care of this).

If you make a mistake, you may have to start over

There is nothing more frustrating than recognizing a mistake that was made at the beginning of a project only after you are almost finished; this is especially frustrating when something like this happens more than once. This is a common issue that DIY kitchen sink installers face. Even worse, it can become so frustrating that a DIY plumber will “finish” the kitchen sink installation with the mistakes still present, hoping that the job will be good enough — it will not be (see “You could cause serious plumbing damage” section).

Making any of the mistakes above will cost you more time and money than a plumber ever could

All of the above factors are reasons why you should contact an experienced plumber to complete your kitchen sink installation. Not doing so will cost you a lot of time, money and frustration. For more about kitchen sink installation, contact ExpressRooter Plumbing.

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