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At ExpressRooter Plumbing – our licensed plumbers have decades of experienced in conducting exhaustive drain inspections in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Toronto based plumbers can be on site within the same day to inspect your drain and give you feedback on what the issue is and the most cost effective way to repair the drain without compromising on quality.

We have state of the art equipment that we use for drain inspections which includes a video camera inspection. A video camera inspection of your drain can provide thorough details and visual images of the issue at hand – which may not be identifiable from the surface.

Drain inspections conducted with a video camera can identify a variety of issues such as:

Tree roots
Inline traps
Pipe sagging
Poor mortar connections
Sludge backups
Sediment buildup
Offset joins
Pipe issues such as cracks and breaks
And more

Video camera inspections of your drains are also a great way to be preventative if you’re buying a new home or have just bought one. Most often drains are overlooked through the buying and selling process – leaving video camera inspections a valuable tool in preventing further damage to your home. Our Toronto plumbers are highly experienced in drain inspections and have serviced thousands of homes across the Greater Toronto area over the past few decades. All of our licensed Toronto plumbers have had their background checks conducted, are insured and professionally trained by some of Toronto’s leading plumbing experts.

If you are in need of a drain inspection Toronto – contact us today to request a quote at 416-746-5116.

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