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Do You Know Where Your Water Shut-Off Valve is?

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Many homeowners think that if something goes wrong with any of our home’s plumbing, we can simply call a plumber. While this might be true for many repairs, including emergencies, this is not the case with your water shut-off valve. You and your family members need to know where the water shut-off valve is and how to turn it off. Here’s why, and how, to turn it off.

The Damage Water Can Do

Over time, water in your home can cause considerable damage. The longer the water is running and collecting in your home, the worse the damage will be. You need to know where your shut-off valve is and stop the water from pouring into your home as quickly as you can.

Signs that you have leaking water include water pockets in the paint on the walls, or flaking and peeling paint. Additional signs can include mold, or unusual levels of moisture in your home. For a more serious issue, like a damaged pipe, you might actually see the water running. With water pooling on the floor, it will put both your flooring and walls at risk of excessive damage. 

Locating the Water Shut-Off Valve

Your main shut-off is part of your home’s plumbing and is likely located where the line carrying water enters your home. You may also find other shut-off valves under the sink in your bathroom, by your washing machine, as well as near outdoor faucets. Your water heater should also have a valve to shut off the cold water supply. If you cannot locate any of these shut-off valves, contact your plumber for assistance.

To ensure that you and your family members can find the shut-off valve easily, it is a good idea to either paint the valve with a bright color, or put a tag on it. Your family members should know where the valve is, in case they are home during an emergency and must shut off the water to avoid further damage to your property.

If your water shut-off valve is in need of repair, or you have any questions about your plumbing, please contact us today.

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