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Commercial Plumbing Services from ExpressRooter

Commercial Plumbing ServicesPlumbing is one of the most important components of modern homes. Whether it’s to install or repair water pipes, faucets, toilets, drainage, water heater or the kitchen sink, you will need to call a licensed plumber sooner or later. Since it’s a job that requires a high level of expertise and the right tools, you may wish to hire only the best contractor in your area for the job. ExpressRooter is one such contractor in Toronto. The company has a team of fully qualified and certified technicians who are able to provide you with the best solutions for your plumbing problems.

The commercial plumbing services offered by ExpressRooter include:

  • Water Leak Detection and Repair: Water leakage from pipes and drains is a common problem across households. Underground leakage is especially hard to find and pinpoint. Our water leak detection specialists will survey your site using manual and electronic equipment. No digging is required. Whatever needs to be done to fix the problem, they will do it with minimum disruption to your business.


  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement: Water heaters usually start leaking after some time of use. The problem may lie at the inlet, drain valve, or T&P valves. Our water heater specialists conduct an on-site inspection to find the cause of the problem. If it can be repaired, they will repair it; otherwise, they will advise you to replace it.


  • Clogged Toilets: Few things can be more disgusting than a clogged toilet. Our toilet specialists will find the cause of the blockage and either repair or replace the toilet with your consent.


  • Leaky Faucets: Faucets start leaking when the washers become worn out. The leakage could also be a result of bad plumbing by a previous contractor. Our specialists will determine the cause of the leakage and repair or replace the faucet.


  • Clogged and Broken Pipe Repairs: Water pipes can become clogged with debris and break after years of constant use, causing water to leak or flow in reduced quantity. Our water pipe specialists will detect the clogged area and remove the debris. If a pipe is broken, they will fix it.


  • Food Disposal Repair and Replacement: If your food disposal unit is broken or not working properly, then our specialists will repair or replace it.


  • Clogged Sinks: Food scraps and other waste matters can clog the drainpipe under the sink, preventing water from draining away or causing it to drain too slowly. Our sink specialists will use pumps and other specialized equipment to open the drain.


  • Bathtub Plumbing: If you need to install a new bathtub or repair an existing one, our specialists can do it expertly without causing much disruption to your business.


  • Basement Sump Pumps with Battery Backup: Your basement can become flooded by a rainstorm and a backed up sewer. Our specialists will find the best place for the sump pump to drain the water and install it with a battery backup.


  • Hot Water Dispensers: Our specialists are experts in installing and repairing hot water dispensers.


  • Septic Tank System Service: A septic tank system needs to be made right because it is the only outlet for your sewage. Our septic tank specialists can build an efficient septic tank for you and also repair any malfunctions on an existing unit.


Before repairing or replacing any fixtures, our specialist technicians will perform a detailed investigation to get to the root of the problem and determine what needs to be done. Before beginning work, they will advise you on the right course of action and inform you of the costs involved so that you can decide whether to go ahead with their recommendation or not. This is what makes our commercial plumbing services among the best in Toronto.

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