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6 Types Of Clients For Plumbers

6 Types of Clients for Plumbers

Plumbing is a respectable job. But, at the same time, the job is risky, as things can get tricky at times.


Suppose you run a plumbing business and formulate a catchy slogan. It will be a wrong idea to remain under the impression that the slogan will do wonders for your business. Instead, you should try to understand your target audience’s different segments.


Usually, people perceive the same problem differently. So, you need to implement a solution conforming to the client’s perception.


Therefore, understanding your specific clients is critical in the plumbing business. In other words, you should master the art of responding to different clients in the appropriate ways because each of them has different plumbing needs. For example, a plumber Mississauga should know the likely plumbing needs in his area of operation. 


You will see success in your business only if you understand the tastes and preferences of your target audience. Providing solutions per your clients’ expectations is the key to becoming a trusted and reputed plumber.


You will find six types of clients in your target audience. And, it can be appropriate for you to call the client types–personas. But, remember, you should see the personas differently in your dealings.


So, let us discover the common types of clients you will come across and the best practices to effectively deal with them.



They are the most common types of clients for plumbers. Notably, the tastes and preferences of homeowners vary from area to area. Therefore, you will find some homeowners as your potential clients, but they can be cost-sensitive.


So, they can prefer doing their plumbing work themselves instead of hiring a plumber to save money. Such personas do not like to listen to professionals’ suggestions and want to go by what they think is the best. As such, they prioritize solving their plumbing issues themselves.  


Real Estate Companies

Another class of clients for plumbers is the real estate companies, which need the services of plumbers before selling houses. Before a real estate company sell a home to a customer, they need to fix all the plumbing defects before showing the house to their potential clients.


Notably, real estate companies must address plumbing issues quickly. And, the repairs should be effectively fixed by the plumbers they hire. In addition, the plumber fees should conform to the budget.


Therefore, real estate companies look for competent plumbers to solve their plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.


Therefore, you should try to keep in touch with as many real estate companies as possible for the apparent reason.


When a real estate company engages a good plumber, they can focus more on critical aspects, like deal closures.


You can be advantageous if you perform according to the real estate company that hired you. If your client finds you an efficient and competent professional, they might reward you with referrals that will help you increase your earnings. In addition, the clients are likely to maintain a long-term relationship with you.


Again, it will help if you deal with real estate companies prudently. For example, your plumbing services can include round-the-clock emergency services, free estimates, same-day installation, and warranties.


Small Businesses

You can look at small business owners who can offer you plumbing jobs. Usually, such business owners look for an immediate fixture to their plumbing issues as they do not prefer spending much time thinking about the solution to their plumbing problems.


Whenever a plumbing issue occurs, such business owners want to get it fixed as soon as possible because their business has to run continuously and smoothly. Such clients usually regard speed and quality of work above everything else.


When you speak to such a client, you should say things like ‘same-day installations’, ‘same-day response’ etc., to garner their attention. The underlying idea is clear—you want to leverage their preference to get things done quickly and efficiently.  



You will find restaurant owners more or less like small business owners in terms of their preference for quick and efficient plumbers.


Usually, restaurant owners look for competency in a plumber. If the client sees you as a competent plumber, they may try to establish a long-term relationship with you. And such clients want to be confident that the plumber they hire prioritizes their plumbing needs.


Therefore, you should try your best to win the confidence of your restaurant owner clients. Again, you should not fail to quote things like ‘rapid response’ and ‘effective service’ while speaking with such clients.


Facility Managers

You should consider this segment of your client base seriously because they can require your plumbing services round-the-clock. Usually, Facility Managers work in the corporate sector, so they are likely to need plumbing repair services anytime. 


Moreover, such clients look for lesser plumber fees apart from the competency of the plumbers they hire for their jobs.


Usually, the clients require general plumbing services, such as commercial kitchen and bathroom repairs, hot water tank replacements, etc. 


In addition, the clients need significant plumbing services, like flood restoration or pump truck services.


One of the benefits of working with such a client is the opportunity to get long-term work, as they usually look for striking long-term partnerships with trusted plumbers.


In addition, such clients have good contacts in the industry, so they can provide you with references, which can help to grow your business.


They can be your potential clients. Usually, contractors belong to different business segments. And they look for competent plumbers. Also, contractors can be good sources of referrals as they have good contacts in the industry. Besides, contractors prefer maintaining long-term business relationships with quality plumbers.



 As a plumber, you want more business, hence more clients. And, you can be successful in gaining more clients if you do things prudently. Therefore, a plumber must understand the different types of their clients and their respective tastes and preferences.


When a plumber knows about his clients, he can formulate more impactful campaigns to market his business.  


Finally, a plumber should try to develop long-term relationships with his clients. And, that is possible only if he knows their tastes and preferences.


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