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5 Drain Repair Services You Should Leave To A Professional

We all experience a clogged drain in our homes from time to time.  Our first instinct is to grab the plunger and solve the problem ourselves.  After all, professional plumbing services can be expensive, and we can save some time by just handling it right away.  However, what appears to be a simple clogged drain may be more serious than that, and a plumbing expert may be required so that the problem does not become any worse than it is.  Listed below are just a few drain repair services that would be best left to a professional plumber.

Drain Cleaning – Obviously enough, professional plumbers can unclog sinks, toilets, food disposals, dishwashers, etc.  However the key is that they can take the guesswork out of problem by determining what work is exactly required.  For example, through modern video technology, they can determine the location of the problem.  It may be a clogged sewer that is causing the problem and not a drain pipe underneath the sink.  Because of this, you will never have to tear up your basement floor or outdoor garden to pinpoint the clogging, if your issue originates in the pipes.

Drain Snaking – You may think that snaking your drain to remove clogging may be a simple task as renting a drain snake machine at the local hardware store.  However using the wrong type of drain snake, or using it improperly, can result in a breakage of piping underneath the ground surface.  That is why this drain repair service would best be left to an expert.

Drain Replacement – Your plumbing issue might not be from a clogged drain at all, but rather from the wear and tear your drains have faced over the years.  Drains can suffer from corrosion, cracks, breakage or even separation that consequently require drain replacement.  This is definitely one of the drain repair services best left for the professionals as their hi-tech equipment can determine which drain needs to be replaced and complete the work with minimal excavation to your property.

Tree Root Issues – Tree roots are known to grow quite large underneath the surface and can push against or even puncture the drains and sewer pipes of your home.  Professional plumbers can assist you by installing plastic piping and properly sealing the pipe joints, as well as well as treating the tree roots in order to prevent re-growth.

Sewer Backwater Valve Repair – If flooding is a problem to your home or to your neighbourhood, you should determine whether a sewer backwater valve is properly installed on your property, and if it is, whether it is in good repair.  Once again, this is one of the drain repair services a plumbing expert can assist you with.  They can ensure that your entire home is protected from any backflow of water or sewage originating  from the municipal sewers, particularly during heavy rains or regular sewer maintenance.

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