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3 Winter Plumbing Issues and How to Avoid Them

With the cold weather, icy roads and snowstorms, there are many unpleasant things to deal with in the winter. Maintaining your home can also be challenging in the winter especially when it comes to protecting your plumbing in cold temperatures. If you don’t want to be left without water, leakages, and cold water then read the following 3 winter plumbing issues and how to avoid them.

  1. Frozen Pipes
    Probably what worries people the most is that their pipes will freeze. It is common for both outdoor and indoor winter pipes to freeze during the winter, so you will want to be proactive to avoid this. First, ensure that your outdoor water systems are shut off. Ensure that your temperature in your home is at or above room temperature even when you aren’t home to prevent frozen pipes. This will help maintain a consistent warm temperature allowing your pipes to flow water easily without freezing.
  2. Overworked Water Heaters
    Your water heater is your best friend in the winter, and you definitely want to know that you can take a hot shower when you come home. If there are cracks in the window and walls that surround your heater, it could be overworked to maintain the hot water temperature. Make sure to check the windows and walls and caulk any spaces that are letting in cold air. Most importantly, have a professional inspect your hot water heater for any damaged parts or potential problems to keep it working properly and heating your water all winter long.
  3. Frozen Garden Hose
    So you like to garden, but forgot to put your hose away for the winter? Well you may run into some trouble. When a garden hose is left attached to the house, the water can freeze, putting pressure on the pipes. This will lead to the expanding and cracking of the pipes, leaving you with large replacement and repair expenses. Ensure to remove your hose before winter starts to avoid this issue by putting a note in your calendar or leaving a reminder sign beside the hose.

Good luck this winter and don’t let these challenging plumbing issues keep you from enjoying some much needed hot water and great working pipes. If you do run into any of these winter plumbing problems, contact the experts at ExpressRooter. We can repair and replace your plumbing and drains and keep your entire plumbing system working throughout the winter.

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