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10 Reasons to Choose ExpressRooter for Your Plumbing Service in Toronto

Emergency PlumberThere are many reasons why you should choose Express Rooter for your plumbing service in Toronto. Our company boasts both highly skilled plumbers and also an excellent reputation. We are definitely the plumbing professionals that you would want to attend your plumbing issues in Toronto. Why should you choose ExpressRooter? Here are 10 reasons why we should be your preferred choice when it comes to plumbing service in Toronto:

  1. Superior customer service –  Every team member of ExpressRooter focuses not only on delivering the best plumbing solution for your specific needs, but also on servicing your needs in a highly professional manner. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, and therefore all our experts work hard to deliver the highest level of customer service in all respects, from the way you are greeted on the phone to the courtesy and respect that you are treated with in person.
  2. State of the art diagnostic technology – ExpressRooter seeks to provide a unique and efficient plumbing service in Toronto with minimum costs for the beneficiary. We employ state of the art diagnosis and repair technology to minimize the impact on your site and also keep you satisfied with the final results.
  3. Professionalism – Our experts will not only arrive equipped to solve the problem immediately at your premises, but will also offer you a professional diagnosis of the plumbing or drain problem. You will further receive a professional report with before and after pictures should you decide to work with us.
  4. Reliability – ExpressRooter is well known for our ability to stick to a schedule and always arrive at your location as promised. There are no excuses for failing the client and therefore we offer $25 off if our team members do not show up at your door when scheduled.
  5. Guarantees – When it comes to plumbing service in Toronto, guarantees are important. ExpressRooter guarantees both its parts and workmanship for one year, which means that we will redo the work for free if there are any malfunctions within this period of time.
  6. License and Insurance – As a provider of plumbing service in Toronto, we constantly maintain our licenses and insurance coverage to offer our clients not only piece of mind, but also financial protection in case of any unexpected situation.
  7. Fairness – Working with ExpressRooter does not come with any surprise costs. We offer an estimate before the actual work starts for you to feel free to make an informed decision as far as costs are concerned.
  8. Compliance with local codes – Another important aspect of our customer-centric approach is our commitment to comply fully with local city codes. You can rest assured that you’re plumbing, draining, or water proofing services will be performed in accordance with local regulations and laws.
  9. Discipline – When you choose plumbing service in Toronto from ExpressRooter, you choose a team dedicated to discipline at the workplace. Our former clients can testify that we leave your premises cleaner than when we arrived.
  10. Same day services – We understand the urgency of certain plumbing services and therefore we deliver exceptional emergency plumbing service in Toronto and adjacent areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ready to hire an ExpressRooter plumber? Contact us today at 416-760-7656.

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